mY magic eXisTenCe...........

All the thing in this world is full with hope and anything can happen with Him......

Actually what mean holiday???

i wonder about it...

  1. rest

  2. refresh

  3. a celebrating

  4. sleep

  5. watch tv

  6. eat

  7. not thinking

  8. release stress

  9. ........

i now is on school holidays and will start school on Ogos...

In this holidays i am stay at home watching movie

and read books and search internet.

Other then that is go go at the shopping centre..

then is improve my Gitar skill but being disturb
so not succesful but i think i got abit improve de,
coz i really wan it to be more good as a skill
i really feel so bored...

Then i have an idea to go to other state to visit my friends and relative at KL...

But still on the planning.... Coz wan plan where i will sleep and go

find who 1st and make sure they are free and so that i can sure

that where will i go.

I really dun know the road at KL and find something new to me...

furthermore i wants to built relationship with my friends and relative...

Then i can go for other place other then my home....

I just wants to change a situation for awhile only....

i juz hope that mayb something will be refresh in this holidays

1 comments: u have ur own style in expressing ur thoughts. is like u felt ur holiday not fruitful.
well, as we channel our thoughts into blog, we will consider and reflect.
hope u find this writing experience an insight of what u want your life journey to become.
congratulations...on ur writing breakthrough.

keep on.

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