mY magic eXisTenCe...........

All the thing in this world is full with hope and anything can happen with Him......

today my friend RuB back to Kuantan celebrate her birthday with her family, she also invite me to see a movie. After this we go to the Just Relax for YC....

Then the drink i order is traffic light juice it is so colourful it made by jelly and some soda.

The different color of the drink made me think of the meaning of the color in our life...

Red-passion and hot

we will feel hot with the things we like and interesting so much..

when we are in a young age will wants to do something new and different with other!!!

so it will have a sweet memory in our life

Yellow-happy and bright

when see yellow feel like banana, in our life is happy and nothing to be worry.
our life is different when we know Jesus.........
we is always the brighter people among others and sure people will like us and feel popular!!!
Green -natural
in the traffic light we feel like can go ....So in our life, we can go to anywhere if the things are right
and not harm others.
when we feel down just go to some natural place and the things besides sure can get somethings different...


ruby seems to be a great pal to you
she is your contact and a person you can touch with your life through the grace and wisdom God bestows you...
hei...mana the photos of the things u buy (so cute) and the places you go?
upload here and in facebook lar...(haha)

u can share your life and testimony and invite ppl to see and leave comment to you.
sometimes, we have many things to say.
and the blog is always there for us to pour to....that is why i introduce u to blogging...makes us think of His Grace as we write about His Goodness in our life.
God is good to you, you know...

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