mY magic eXisTenCe...........

All the thing in this world is full with hope and anything can happen with Him......

This is my 1st time blogging..........
Actually i am being encourage my friend (my sherepherd )but i still cant commit her.
My pc is spoil then cant online and let me have a excuse do not blog.But unfortunately i having a english course(IEC) then one of the subject in this course is blogging........

In this subject i learned about the purpose to blog and important to blog.
Furthermore it can improve my English and let me write down my feeling....
And 2day i am having a Blog class at college so i need to start up my blogging journey~~~~
My lecturer wanted me to write down a blog is about GHOST!!!!!

OH!!! actually what is Ghost?? I never see a ghost by my own eye before, but i think it just a feeling to me and i feel them when i am alone in a room or house...But i think it just influence by the ghost movie that i had seen...HAHAHA....(^_^).I watch ghost movie since i am a little child and it was very fright and i cant sleep on that day....I had see a lot of ghost story on story book,newspaper,movie,tell by friends,magazine,radio and other....

Or perhaps u can tell me more after see my blog....

I am thinking about that all races in this world have different cloth,culture,food,history
,language and appearance.But all of them will have ghost story among them and the ghost will appear with their races....And all the ghost is scary , will appear after people die , and when u harm that person then he become ghost will back to find u....

So i think Ghost will just harm the black hearted person and Ghost is in our heart when we done something guilty.So if we do not do something wrong to others and not need to scare about Ghost...

All the old parents will tell us the story about ghost in our surrounding like when someone suicide or being murder. The house area will appear Ghost and it will make no one dare to live inside that house.Most the story i heard is at college, school, toilet,hotel ,hostel, cinema , under tree, and the place exist accident always....
Even the teachers will tell us the story about Ghost....

My primary school is a Chinese school and not much Malays and i so not heard about Malay Ghost .When i study secondary school i have a lot of Malays friends then i known that Malays oso have ghost...and we always argue about which Ghost is more scary!!!!!!
For i am sure that Ghost is exist and is written in the bible and the ghost is evil and make the people sick and is apart of Satan....
So i believe in God is powerful then the ghost so i not need to scare about ghost anymore after i believe in Christ...

Got one day when i am asleep in my room alone and no one accompany me , about 4-5am i feel that had a black shadow behind my bed, and i feel that that black shadow wanted to go inside my body and i just pray and pray for the help from Christ and i feel very scared and my heartbeat was very fast and i cant even breath well.I not dare to open my eye to see it,then i only not so scare when i heard the sound of my mum went to the toilet. then i just back to sleep but not so well ... then i quickly tell my mum when i am awake and my mum tell me it is juz a nightmare
coz that evening i heard my dad tell about my pass away grandma come back find my brother and him to get married quickly then bring him to a nice place oso,and he awake whole of his body is cold......after i heard this so is not rare for me to have this kind of nightmare...... So it juz a illusion and i not see a really ghost!!!!!

When i was a little girl i have seen a ghost movie about a poor little boy and got a ghost help him in his school life even the things he wants ,the ghost surely will provide to him .
so after i watch this story i think ghost is not scary but is a helping and like a angel in our life. Then at that moment i really to have a Ghost beside me........


hii..apiz kat cnie..
spe ney.. u cannot escape from blogging. haha.... keep it up.... come my blog and add the other blogger family members.

wow...nice (my magic existence)

i like the theme and the intro (totally bring out the message and the whole point)

well...u can post ur photos here (like a diary) or songs you like (video also can)

no need worry your pc reformat and lose any photos

the template is mysterious, beautiful, captivating ( i like the whole flow and format)

you can make your wordings more interesting like using a bigger font or mix and match the colours..

wonderful adventure ahead to ur bloggig experience.....

love, angie

so funny ya,this topic.
in my opinion.
Ghost is a spirit.
we can feel, even we might see ghost.
but can;t touch.and it is a type of evil spirit.
don;t be afraid ghost, ghost is not simply harm people.I remembered my leader told us, If let said someone see ghost, we "In the name of Jesus, leave!" ghost will get out.
This is real, even i have tis experience happen to my family member.
my bro was fill by gost spirit, tat time he can;t control himself. but when leader pray in spirit, and use in the name of Jesus. the ghost fall down. then my brother get better.
all tis thingm happen becoz satan do it.:) tat all ya..haha

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