mY magic eXisTenCe...........

All the thing in this world is full with hope and anything can happen with Him......

I am planing to go to kl to find some friends in this Sunday by my friend's car...

1st i thought i wants to go there by bus then i know that one of

my friends is back on this week and will back to kl this Sunday ,

so she offer me to follow her car...

so i just accept it coz it save my cost...

ha ha ^^

if u are asking y i wants to choose kl to go???

i will answer u that i have friends and cousin that a very long period no see them and very miss them so much...

my planning to go kl is .........

1st day,when i arrive is the night ardy i will choose stay at my friends house and when wake up is the 2nd day ardy!!!

2nd day, i will follow my friends to work and go to some shopping mall and find a trousers for my brother that he told me to buy....
And i will find somethings interesting to do lar..... he he....
in the noon n night will find some friends to lunch and dinner!!!

3rd day, i will go find my cousin to visit and see her little baby and try the mask that she say very nice...
but she say is so nice then i wants to try 1st only can tell my friends the result....
then i will cut and color my hair ....
hopefully will back Ktn in a fresh and new look!!!
then i will back Ktn in the night by bus but i not buy the bus ticket yet!!!
so i decide buy the ticket when i arrive at kl....
And i really hope that i will enjoy myself every moment in kl with the holy spirit that will always be with me and i listen to her!!!

So at now i really pray to you Lord,

please bless me in the journey i went to kl.
hope that God will bless me in a good relationship with my friends and relative.
please bless me have a good weather in thetime i at kl ,
there will be no rain or too hot,
hope that it will cloudy and some wind.
Then the friends that i wish to visit are free to fellowship with me,
hope that the things we say will inspire me and know their life studying and working in kl,
is there any different with or without family????
i am wondering it???
Lord please give me a good answer about all my question in my life.
let me close to u ,desire ur words n teaching......

pray by the name in Jesus,


my dear,
i will pray for a safe journey to you.
i know that u r looking for an inspiration and eye-opener.
hope you will see what you want to know.
in the end, what you need is always in God alone.
He will give you rest, solutions and all the answers you seek for.
God bless you.
Do keep in touch. Drop a sms to me when u r there.
Take care.

Your shepherd in Kuantan...will keep you in prayers.

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