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Here was my 1st prepared speech at Kuantan Toastmaster Club Who Am I

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and guests,

 Many people ask me who am I, the most basic question that I never think of. But people will ask me. It is an interesting question. Do you all agree?

When I am preparing this speech I asked my friends what you think of me ? One of my friend just answers me you look like the No.1. I ask him to explain why I look like the No. 1. And he said—“Straight and Thin “. Actually in numerology I found out my number is No.1. What does No.1 mean? It means independent, a leader, righteous and humorous. These are the positive behavior I have. The negative traits of No. 1 are self centered and stubborn. These are the most basic behavior I have and I totally agree with. In one seminar I been, the trainer taught me that all our negative behavioral cannot be replaced. What can we do about it? It can only be replace by new and positive behavior, instead of stubborn and self centered, I choose to be more friendly, flexible and accepting of other people’s opinion, so that I can learn and grow better.

 Who am I? Some times when I am alone, I will ask myself who I really am. Beside the identity given by others, I am my parents’ daughter, my sibling’s elder sister, a staff and member of Kuantan Toastmaster Club. When I put aside these identities what I am left is the memory of my friends and family. If one day I lost my memory I do not remember who am I and I am at a place where no one knows me. What am I suppose do to? What is going happen to me? Then I will have a new identity , new name ,new life and new friends until one day my memory comes back or someone tell me who I really am. I need to choose to believe that person about my old me and the memory that he or she had.

 Who I really was is not important, but what I choose to be in my future is more important, I want to become a somebody , a well known person, a person can contribute to the society. I want to become a successful business woman. To become a somebody is not easy and become a nobody is easier but I decided to become somebody in this country, this world. Therefore I need to prepare myself by choosing a good platform with mentor and coach to guide me in my journey.

Who am I today is not determine by the No.1 or my memory or my work place or the people I know. I want to have an amazing life. I am ready to sacrifice my time and effort so that I can achieve my dreams to become successful. Last but not least who you are today is not important, it will only be your past tense but the important is what you decide for your future. Let’s plan for it and act it now. Thank you.


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